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Clients + Purée Fantastico:
A True Love Story


Working with Jenny has transformed my business. She tuned in and helped me express the uniqueness of what I do with her magical visual language. My branding kinda used to kinda look like everyone else's in my field. Now when my right-fit clients find me online, they seem to instantly recognize how my work is different. My branding is working to bring in the right folks, and I'm having so much more fun with my business because I LOVE what I'm putting out there visually every day. 

Jenny ALSO taught me how to use Photoshop for all of my branding in 90 minutes! I was overwhelmed and thought it would take me forever to be ready to use the tool because I'm not particularly tech savvy. I had been stuck in a canva rut for years, and I was SO limited in what I could create. During our training session, Jenny sometimes had to use her loving humor to help me calm down so that I could stay focused. Now I use photoshop several times a week to create images for my social media accounts and my website.  I refer to the recording of our session whenever I get stuck, and I'm actually having a lot of fun with Photoshop now! 

—annie schuessler, owner of rebel therapist


Jenny Ambrose is a creative genius. She will take the time to truly understand your project and will not only provide you a solution but a vision. 

She has been a mentor to me and would highly recommend her. She is easy to talk to, helpful and a blast to work with.

Janine Toro
UX/UI Designer


I cannot recommend Jenny of Purée Fantastico enough. She is not only a creative genius, but also an absolute gem to work with. She listens, she directs, but all along keeping in mind my vision. Working with her across the globe is not an issue and she is always prompt responding to email.

I started working with Jenny 4 years ago and have continued to use her services for different projects over the years. I've worked with many designers in the past but none have been able to understand my vision for my brand and business like she does.

Jenny is my designer of choice and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

— Sandra Glynn, 
Owner of Sandra Glynn Cosmetics


I could not be more delighted with the business ethic and work product provided by Jenny. We employed her to recreate the look for our product packaging. This required patience in taking preliminary direction followed by independent creative work, unsupervised.
The work was was exceptional!!! We would work with her anytime!!!!

— Mike Lesner, 
Producer at American Health Journal Television/PBS


Jenny. She is one dynamic woman with so much heart, vivacity, brains, joy, and pure awesomeness that I sometimes can't help but smile widely when I think about her. I emailed Jenny after I found her portfolio online and was overcome with how inspiring, varied, and thorough her work was. I wanted to ask her a few questions about graphic design & building a career in this crazy industry. Not only did she email back with a sweet & long email, but she also sent me an email with some helpful advice since I slightly mentioned that I was overwhelmed with to do's at the moment.

Who does that any more?! Who spends 20-30 minutes writing an email to help a random stranger out? Not just with what she asked about, but just something she casually mentioned? After receiving both of those emails back -- I knew she was different. I had to get to know her better.

And know her well I have. She has mentored me for the past 3 years and no, my business has not exploded and no, my bank account is not in the millions...which is awesome. Because that's not what matters at the end of the day. Finding who I truly am, learning everything I can along this path, having peace, and loving others...THAT is what matters.

Mentors should help you grow; not just help your business grow. The most painful (and beautiful) times of our mentoring relationship has been when Jenny reminds me of who I truly am, to ease up on myself, and to face the fear and do it anyways. She has helped me week by week to find more clarity and embrace freedom.

All in all, I am honored to know & be mentored by this fabulous human being -- and you should be too.

Bethany Aleshire,
Designer, Photographer, Yoga Sculpt Instructor


Simply outstanding!  I saw Jenny's work online in a closed marketing FB group and just knew I had to work with her...this says a lot because I have a friend in the business that I often am able to get graphic work with on trade or even pro bono..but the end result from Jenny is so worth it as an investment that I bypassed the pro bono friend option and eagerly hired Jenny at her going rates.

Jenny's work is superb and caters to ALL different kinds of unique tastes.  If you take a look at her portfolio you'll see that while all professional, cohesive, and fully put together branding wise...the fonts, colors, and overall feeling and looks are sooo different it could have been done by different professional artists. 

That's what I love about Jenny.  She takes your unique style and you into account fully and works around she works with and through you..pulling threads and questions out here and there (and efficiently with a wry and cool sense of humor) until you have an amazingly breathless beautiful end product.  

She strives for over satisfaction, as in you get her work and are jumping up and down with glee that you hired Purée Fantastico.

Jenny is WONDERFUL at clarifying so that she knows what you want and the best part...she DELIVERS, AND FAST!!! Cannot recommend Jenny enough. I just hired her again right before typing this!

— Sarah Chang
Owner of Hawaii Heritage Hula Academy


Jenny did a great job understanding our needs quickly.  It's never easy pulling out a concept from thin air, but she understood our brand and our vision, and was able to hand draw a unique design that was exactly what we wanted!

— Alicia Haskew
Small Business Owner


Honestly, Jenny was one of very few that actually took the time to help with testing our new platform. 

It truly meant a tremendous amount to me. I will always keep that in mind for client recommendations that come through FetchaTask! She is one of my favorites for talent and her generosity to help!

Scott Mounce, 
Creator of FetchaTask


Jenny has a great eye for detail, and a great deal of patience. Even though I have a Master's in Art, Design and Visual Culture, graphic design and branding are a whole other animal.

I know what I like, and I know the brand image that I wanted to communicate through things like business cards, logos, etc, and PF definitely delivered.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for unique, breath-taking graphic design from professionals.

Kaelin E. Lee
Owner of  Konscious Kollective


Jenny was a force in helping me pull together the vision I had for my brand. There is no possible way I could have done it without her.

She asked all the right questions and got to the heart of what I wanted...well before I knew what I wanted. She worked diligently on my rebranding and presented results that made my soul sing. I will always be grateful to her for sharing her talent, zest, kindness, and brilliance with me.

Kate Harrison,
Kate Harrison Photography


Jenny named and designed the labels for our new skin care line, based on the barest of concepts and they are beautiful.

She is flexible, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. 

— Linda Frueh, 
co-ower of the good chemist


Jenny did an amazing last minute job on an event poster for a client of mine! She is super responsive, very good at picking up on the brand and expressing it through her art, and met (or was ahead of) every deadline. She was a joy to work with and I can't wait to hire her for our next illustration project!

— Mackenzie Garritty, 
Co-Owner of CAIA 


Our team was looking for a great Creative Director and when we met Jenny, it was clear that she was the one!

Jenny’s passion, creativity and poetry translates to everything she does. She's super responsive and professional.

She always goes the extra mile, a crucial aspect if you are looking to innovate.

She has become part of our family and my team and I are very happy to keep having Jenny on board!

— josep molina
owner of molina visuals


I contacted Jenny to brand my second business; an exclusive distribution company for high-end pet products. We had a deadline of 3 weeks, where the company would be debuting it's wares for a pet expo in Long Beach, California.

Not only did we have the best booth there, we also had the perfect brand to boast along with it. Jenny came up with this great concept for the marketing collateral, and it really sold the show. She even came up with the logo on the spot, in a hand sketched idea during one of the first meetings. 

I love working with someone as straight forward and to the point as myself  and Jenny really delivered.  

Brian Watson
Owner of Posh Pet Care & Posh Pet Products


Jenny was very professional and a pleasure to work with! 

She listened to what we wanted initially and came up with designs that were on target, and she accommodated any changes we wanted. 

— Beth davies, 
owner of taxes untangled


I came to Jenny with a small project that involved designing some headers for my blog. The best part about working with her is that she has an uncanny ability to really understand the ideas and aesthetics that are important to convey, and then knows how to execute on her approach with skill.

Jenny presented me with multiple options, then adapted the proofs to my liking and worked with me until I was satisfied with the results (not that it took very long because she's super speedy!) 

She was also willing to go the extra mile in multiple instances (for example, she emailed Wordpress directly to find out the requirements for a custom header size.) It was really fun and energizing to work with her throughout the process and I look forward to future opportunities to do it again. 

—  Amy Santee
Anthropologist, Design Researcher, and Blogger


Words cannot express my gratitude to Jenny for all her work on my rebrand. Jenny is the first designer/ artist I have worked with that understood my requirements and vision immediately.  

Her ability to translate my inspiration board was amazing.  It honestly felt at times that she could read my mind.
She was always easy to liase with and very keen to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the designs. I look forward to working with Jenny on different projects in the years to come. 

A few words to describe Jenny: Amazing, Beautiful, Artist, Educated, Genuine, Gifted.

Sandra Glynn,
Makeup Artist

Working with Jenny was very comfortable from the start. I felt completely at ease letting her know what I like and dislike. I am very simplistic and wanted that to be reflected in the logo and Jenny was able to capture what I wanted very quickly. 

The design she ultimately came up with was exactly what I wanted even though I didn't even really know what I wanted when we first started. 

I felt like she really listened to me and payed attention to how I did things and so we ended up with a great finished project and not a ton billable hours!!

We stayed exactly in our budget and there were no surprises at the end with cost, extra fees, ect. Overall, I would give her an A+ and would recommend them to a friend or business associate.  One more added bonus, I have another friend now!! Thank you Jenny, working with you was fun and easy!!

Amanda Dumas,
LIQUID Juice Bar


We have worked with Jenny several time to develop font recommendations for our clients style guides.  She came to us highly recommended and does a terrific job. Very professional and always delivers when she says she will!

We will continue to use Jenny for this type of work - it's her specialty!!

Susan Reid
Principal of Skillara Marketing + Media


Jenny did a great job of helping me design a gorgeous newsletter from scratch.

She answered my questions in depth, promptly, and went the extra mile. Since launching JWS Interiors' newsletter, we've received fantastic feedback from our followers.

Jennifer Wagner Schmidt,
JWS Interiors


Jenny is one of the warmest and genuine people I've had the chance to work with. She has the ability to understand your vision and take it to the next level. I couldn't be happier with the projects she has helped me bring to life!

Ari Moshayedi,
Ari Moshayedi Photography


Jenny came recommended to me by another photographer and I couldn't be happier. They took the time to really hash out not only who I want my business to be, but also who I am.

The logo design process was quick and I had a ton of options to choose from, way more than I expected. 

Jenny has a solid eye and skill for design, and she does not mess around. She listened to my babbling brain and helped me whittle down what I was looking for. 

And most importantly, she was incredibly patient and fun to work with :)

—  Kristen Clayville,
Owner of Kristen Clayville Photography


Jenny Ambrose was a joy to work with from start to finish. She helped me pinpoint the exact message I wanted my branding to get across, established what was important to me aesthetically and then created a beautiful branding package for me. 

She is professional, easy to communicate with and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. I LOVE her work and recommend her with all my heart!

Rosie Bitts
Performer & Chanteuse


A letter from a student:
I wanted to thank you for all that you did for me (and us) in the Incredimazing class.

My site remains in progress, but I feel happier with it by the day. I also know why designers charge big money to do this kind of work!

I especially loved learning from you in the private office hours. Our conversation, last week, about typography was illuminating, especially once we started to talk about book design as a way to think about the site layout. Great idea! I am still working out the nuances but I have a vision, and my design skills are improving by the day. I think we chose strong fonts for my particular type of site, and I so, so, so appreciated that you hung in there with me, working out margins, spacers, letter height and line spacing: all of it. It's empowering and exciting to gain this skill set.

Thank you, also, for your muchness, sense of humor, generosity of spirit, and inspiration to wear red lipstick!”

—holly wren spaulding, owner of poetry forge


Holy cow, how many amazing things can I say about Jenny? How much space do I have here? Definitely not enough. 

Open, giving, fanatical perfectionist, excellent communicator, talented, and an uncanny ability to perfectly tune her skills to whatever project you throw at her. 

I am not an easy person to work with and she never skipped a beat.

She knows how to listen, give feedback, and act precisely, moving a project forward on budget and on time. She's amazing and worth every penny she quotes you.

And probably then some.

— David Zietz, 
Producer & Writer


Jenny Ambrose at Purée Fantastico is absolutely brilliant! Her work is innovative, clean, sassy, and edgy. She is always on the forefront of cutting-edge design trends and user experience techniques. It's great to have people in the industry that are as passionate as she is and set the bar as high as she does! I highly recommend the POWERHOUSE that is Purée Fantastico!

— Jenn Córdova,
Owner of J.Cap Photography


You will NOT regret hiring this fabulous lady. She is deeply analytical so there is always a strong concept driving her work, that combined with her incredible imagination make a killer combination. I keep coming back to Jenny as I know I can be sure of quality work that stands out from the crowd.

—Steph cohen, 
Owner of The Creative Addition


I sought out Jenny to help with a font research project. Her impressive knowledge and lightning quickness turned what some might consider to be a daunting task into a seamless process.

She is a joy and a pleasure to work with!

Erika Spence,
Senior Director,
Marketing & Communications, 
Winter Park Chamber of Commerc


Jenny Ambrose is a powerhouse.

As a mentor, she is a bundle of joy, empathy and sass. Her no-bullshit approach is refreshing, and you really do get the real deal. Jenny brings with her so many skills from such a varied background, and she brings everything to the table to create a truly unique, creative and safe environment for your circumstances. Jenny is beyond encouraging and the way she uses her creativity in sessions ensure there’s never a dull moment! Jenny pulls from such a range of experience, shows you opportunities you didn’t know existed, and gives you the never to feel the fear and do it anyway! If you work with Jenny, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry (joyful tears) and you’ll end the call feeling transformed - that right there is the magic of Jenny Ambrose.

Meg Kissack, 
Freelance Designer
Owner of The Hummingbird Life and The Couragemaker's Podcast


Jenny was a joy to work with! 

I hired Jenny to help me design a new logo for my newly re-designed website and she took all of the inspiration and ideas that I had and created something completely unique that resembled the new look and feel of my brand. She was easy to communicate with from the start and had a very fast turnaround time for the project.

Highly recommend her!!

— Brett Foken,
Interior Decorator, Stylist, Blogger


I highly recommend working with Jenny Ambrose. She is a talented, smart, and dedicated artist.

What I liked about her is that she's willing to go the extra mile beyond the brief given to her and constantly try out new directions boldly.

She has a very distinct style and is quite versatile in her work. Her work has lot of character and is quite unique! I definitely look forward to our next collaboration!"

Oliver Ojeil, 
Cliche VFX


Jenny is a design goddess.

From the moment we started working on an intellectually stringent job that required not just beautiful work but smart, keen – at times, mathematical – prowess, she delivered. She provided option after option. She did so with enthusiasm. She was game.

And just to prove how indebted and impressed I am with her work, I’m hiring her again on my very next venture. And plan to on the next and the next.

(But don’t tell her that. I don’t want it to go to her head.)

A goddess, I tell you. A rare find.

— Dawn DeKeyser
Exec. Creative Director,
Scout Creative LA


Jenny Ambrose has been a terrific consultant for me. She went out of her way to link me with freelance artists who would be able to illustrate the ideas I had for a webcomic.

She facilitated professional discussions between myself and potential artists. She connected me with multiple groups that were essential to flourishing my idea and solidifying it into a tangible pitch. She consulted me on the best ways to speak to artists regarding the transfer between written word to illustrated art.  I would be ecstatic to work with her again.

India Jackson,
Community Manager at InnoGames, Writer at Less Than Three Press


There are certain things in life you invest in hoping it'll pay off in the long run. Jenny was that for me. And boy, did she pay off!  

While most would say the magic happens in the actual act of design, I feel what really sets them apart are her consultations. Part interview, part banter, part rapid fire exchange of thoughts, she's like a great journalist getting to the truth of who you are in order to conceptualize the right design for you. She asks the right questions, but she doesn't stop there. 

Her “assigned homework,” is almost like a psychological exercise to discover things about you that you probably didn't even recognize on your own.  Plus, using shared pictures of your home and inspiration boards, she gathers all sorts of juicy material to work from in order to create a piece de triomphe.

Once this initial prep process is complete, Jenny  began to design, which was amazing.  We went through a couple rounds, floating ideas back and forth via Skype and email, sharing feedback and eventually arriving at branding material that I'm so proud of.  I just think she's the bees knees because she's incredibly easy to work with, timely, and oh-so talented.  The entire process was super fun, feeling like we were constantly moving forward to a breathtaking destination.  I’d wish all my creative friends will get to experience this experience with her in the future.  There’s so much more I could say, but the thing I love most about her—I feel like she believed in me and wanted to do her part in helping me succeed.  Amazing!

Maggie Rife Ponce
Owner of Rife Ponce Photography & Co-owner of Revealed Studios


I hired Jenny about 3 times so far and am increasingly amazed.  Her suggestions and advice were so eye opening to me...simply swapping the order of chosen photos allowed me to stay on budget and create a more pulled together look/brand.  

What really wowed me is Jenny's stunning intuition.  She works from a deep heart space and in every instance I received a unique heartfelt message that touched me deeply on a personal level.  This time the message from Jenny was encouraging me to explore my creative side and play more without judgement of self.  She let me know she was here clearly to support me and that she was totally cool with guiding me and helping to "teach me to fish" instead of relying on her to provide all the "fish" and graphic design in full.  Wow!!!!!! I was almost in tears!  What wonderful support and assistance! Ironically while she didn't take the typical business approach of trying to get me to hire her for a full on rebranding...I now trust her and her advice more than ever and will definitely call on her again for the next graphic project I have.  Jenny gave me so many intangibles (more confidence in my own eye and abilities to put things together, gentle midnight laughs during an all nighter)  as well as a stellar finished project.  Highest recommendation. Will absolutely positively hire again in a heartbeat.

Sarah Chang,
Owner of Hawaiian Heritage Hula Academy


Jenny is an outstanding graphic designer with an in-depth knowledge of marketing and brand awareness. She is easy to work with and has an AMAZING turnaround time. I highly recommend Puree Fantastico for any needs your business may have

—Laine Melendy, 
eMerge Technology


I worked with Jenny on a re-brand and strategizing for my creative business and the whole process was a dream! She made it all easy and fun, as well as completely nailing what I was looking for but couldn't define for myself. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I found myself even more motivated in my own work each time we talked. I am beyond pleased with what she created for me and appreciate her patience, flexibility, and vision. Now that I've worked with Jenny and her team, I don't have to look anywhere else for future projects.

— Lindsey McLeod, 
Owner of FluxFire Studios


Working with Jenny was super seamless and worry-free. She instantly understood what I envisioned for my blog's logo and enthusiastically provided great options.

She took my feedback and delivered a final product within a matter of days!

I would definitely recommend her for any design project and hope to work with her in the future. 

— Lauren Espejo, 
Blogger & Designer


I have had the pleasure of working with Jenny on a couple of projects and can honestly say I have never met a more talented and well rounded designer.  She goes far above and beyond for her clients and it shows in every piece of work.

As a designer, Jenny takes time to lay a great foundation with her clients so she can anticipate their needs, read their minds, and even decipher the most cryptic emails of feedback (apparently "raspberry" is a fluid shade of pinky-redness :). 

But Jenny has proven to me time and time again that she is far more than a designer.  She masterfully crafts brands, websites, and art pieces with zeal because she genuinely cares enough to invest in the success of others.  She's a friend, a sounding board, an expert, a truth teller and an investor.  

From vivacious emails to calming Skype calls she makes it evident that she is all in... with every client.  I feel honored to have my name designed in her workmanship, she truly is a gem.

Lauren Kelly Venable, Owner/Blogger of love, milk, & honey, and Designer & Creative Coordinator at The Moxie Room


What I love about working with Jenny is that I know that I am always going to get a lot of great, creative options!  Jenny asks smart questions to get to the heart of what we're looking for from a project and then provides several solid and varied solutions – it is often tough to choose. 

I appreciate not only her design talent, but her extremely professional communication and prompt delivery as well.  An all-around incredible creative to work with!

— Jenn Branch
Creative Director of American Greetings Interactive Division


Jenny, has been great to work with. I will definitely be using her for future projects.  

You can't go wrong with her, she is very efficient and creative!!!

— dennis mccoy
Partner at


On top of being exceptionally talented, Jenny Ambrose is a joy to work with! She is inquisitive and insightful.

For creative directors, consultants and marketers (like me) who understand the importance of a professional creative ethic, Jenny is the rarest of rare assets: an artist who has mastered –and defends–the “process” it takes to achieve outstanding design. I would never hesitate to recommend Jenny Ambrose for assignments worth of her creative intellect and energy. I look forward to working with her for a lifetime.

Alysyn Curd, Owner/Creative Director of Art Impact Marketing Agency


Jenny is both uber talented and a joy to work with. She is responsive and very professional.

I've worked with many good designers, but Jenny has that little extra something that takes your design needs to another level where you say "WOW."

Laurie Peacock,
Laurie Peacock Photography


Starting a new business can be scary and exciting at the same time. It's nice having someone there who understands your needs and desires.

Jenny delivers that service with ease and confidence. She is really great at being able capture your true self, like an old friend.

I highly recommend her for all my graphic designing needs.

Jennifer PenrodHair Stylist


Jenny Ambrose combines creativity, elegance, and unique originality to any brand. I had the pleasure of having Jenny help give my brand get a facelift, and she created a highly professional beautiful force. Not just in a logo design which encompassed a mission in one letter design, but also within my marketing materials, including brochures, both in imagery and copy, along with content and taglines to streamline beautiful and effective visual content to parallel the written word.

Her work brings light, life, and dimension to my company mission, and the response I have received consequently has been positive, pro active, and an anchor giving my 12 year old business a whole new layer. 

I recommend Jenny's work to any artist, professional, and company who seeks to have a beautiful brand, cohesive in creativity and clarity. 2 huge thumbs up to Jenny and her masterful work.

Susanna Spies,
Comedy Playground, LLC Susanna Spies,
Finding Your Voice Through Laughter Comedy Seminar


Jenny was an absolute delight to work with. She really took the time to get to know our company's mission and culture and absolutely nailed a design that reflected our goals.

She has great design sense and was able to set up a website that we could easily update on our own as we're constantly adding new projects to our slate.

She was very patient when we needed to make little tweaks here and there and made the entire process enjoyable! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs help with graphic design and website creation.

Megan Bennett,
Director of Digital, Goodbye Pictures