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What’s Puree Fantastico?
Quite simply:
It’s the heart/brain child of Jenny Ambrose

Part creative laboratory and part brain and greatness factory, Purée Fantastico (over)delivers across design, strategic development, copywriting, illustration and consulting services for Fortune 500 companies as well as independent businesses across the globe.

I'm a brand strategist, designer/creative director, copywriter, strategic brainiac, illustrator, consultant/mentor, content creator and a thousand other things. I connect people with their 'why’, and hear where they aim to go– then we figure out the ways to get there. Whether that's visual design/representation, messaging/brand tone, a combination, or simply how to execute to get what you want- I make magic happen for all sorts of people – and I’ve been doing it for over 12 years and for over 2,000 people.  

The song I sing is of infinite possibilities, making things happen, and never, ever giving up. Come sing along!


Jenny Ambrose
Founder & Owner of Purée Fantastico



I cut my teeth in NYC agencies ranging from 30 people to 600 people. I've worked within small independent cross-country global teams (as a creative director, a design director, and a free-for-all ultimate resource freelancer), I’ve even worked with a team of people across the entire country where English was their 5th language. Now I serve an even wider range of clientele within my own business. I need zilcho micromanaging or hand-holding to make the magic happen, but client participation will always be a necessity!

I’m also a professor! Teaching at the art school I graduated from, Ringling College of Art and Design, where
I focus on the larger goal with patience and dedication to each student and the individualized approach it will take for them to succeed.



Working with Jenny has transformed my business. She tuned in and helped me express the uniqueness of what I do with her magical visual language. My branding kinda used to kinda look like everyone else’s in my field. Now when my right-fit clients find me online, they seem to instantly recognize how my work is different.

My branding is working to bring in the right folks, and I’m having so much more fun with my business because I LOVE what I’m putting out there visually every day.
— Annie Schuessler
Holy cow, how many amazing things can I say about Jenny? How much space do I have here? Definitely not enough. Open, giving, fanatical perfectionist, excellent communicator, talented, and an uncanny ability to perfectly tune her skills to whatever project you throw at her.
— david zietz
Jenny is a design goddess.

From the moment we started working on an intellectually stringent job that required not just beautiful work but smart, keen – at times, mathematical – prowess, she delivered. She provided option after option. She did so with enthusiasm. She was game.

And just to prove how indebted and impressed I am with her work, I’m hiring her again on my very next venture. And plan to on the next and the next.

(But don’t tell her that. I don’t want it to go to her head.)

A goddess, I tell you. A rare find.

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