Frequently Asked Questions


You like what you see, but how does it work?

The process, the prices, the nitty gritty.


what's with the different appointments? Which one is right for me?


In reality, I found I needed a wide variety of appointment types and length for all of the different types of things I do (and that people need from me). 

Brand Audits are great if you've got something you want my  opinion on. Whether it's copywriting tone, your branding, your website, or a t shirt idea. It's short and sweet but you'll always leave with solid feedback and certainty in what you're doing. 

Fit Seekers are for meet and greets to determine if we even like working together. They're 30 minutes because sometimes you know right away. 

Feedback & Discussions are hour long meetings-– whether that's because we're mid process and we've got designs (or copy, or strategy, or or or or OR) to talk over, or we're finding ways to collaborate- this appointment is all about the length of time. 

Partnerships are 90 minute long meetings. I love to talk. If we get along well and we're setting up a time to talk, I'm probably going to suggest this length of time. It's juicylicious. 

Mentoring are 60 minute long meetings, currently for $50.

Yep, that's super cheap. You know why? Because that's not how I want to make my money. Mentoring is a kindness from my heart and soul. I do it because I truly believe we (all the humans and the animals and the plants), are in this together and if we don't help one another, we harm one another. 

What's the difference between consulting and mentoring?

The subject matter!

Consulting is business related. Mentoring can include business related things, but will be delivered in a more personal way. 


what is the process of working with you?

I like to start things off with a conversation. This way we'll easily see if there's good relationship potential. It's a quick call, usually 30 minutes, but it's so important to get a feel for the project you have in mind, any look or style ideas you've been thinking about, and what it would mean to have it completed. I provide a quote and we work out payments and a schedule for seeing the type of work you want. 

I work iteratively, so I'll start in broadstroke and define with your feedback as we go. Creativity flourishes in  positivity and it fizzles out with criticism, so I prefer to be very flexible, encouraging, positive, and fun.

If someone needs to define what they don't like rather than what they do- we start there. If someone wants to gravitate only towards what makes their heart sing, we do that. I let the client lead me as everyone is different in personality, preference, style, and what is delivered. 

As we work, you'll be aware of how many revision we've got going on, you'll start thinking expansively about your business or your vision, and I will absolutely infect you with my enthusiasm and excitement for how you can grow and achieve your vision- because helping you achieve yours is me achieving mine. 

Why don't you list prices on your site? I want to know I can afford you!

All of my prices are created specifically for the individual client and their particular project. I take into account a lot of factors: where you're located, how long you've been in business, what type of business, what type of project, the style of the project, and if there's any rush with the deadline. 

I enjoy being that specific because it allows me to work with the widest range of clients and individuals possible, and I enjoy leaving room for all unlimited possibilities. 

How come I always have to schedule a call? 

I figured out a long time ago that my brain needs a buffer of time between talking about work and making the work.  Scheduling calls allows me to maintain productivity flowing because the tasks are so different, but I can plan for it.  Brain needs are sacred needs, and that's all I gotta say about that. 

i'm not in florida (or the us!) can we still work together?

Absolutely! The majority of my clients are outside of Florida, if not the U.S. as well. I've worked with businesses in Australia, Brazil, even a collective
of digital nomads that were spread across every
continent at the same time. I'm very accustomed to navigating across time zones;  as long as we
get along well and can understand each other, we can work together. 

do we need to meet?

I do prefer to meet all of my clients and collaborators, but phone, Skype, Zoom, Facetime and even the face-to-face meeting all suffice. I like to know the personality, the humor and communication style, and the general personness that I'm working with, and I imagine you'd want to meet me as well! This way you could for sure say that I am as awesome as this website would have you believe.

I don't see any types of projects like the one I want to make, can you still help me?

Oh yes! Yes I can! The projects (in The Muchness and The Archive of Muchnesses Past) are what I've done so far. Even as I type this, there are projects I'm currently working on that have no precedent - not for me, not for anyone. This is the nature of creativity! Everyone brings something unique and your project is no exception.  If you don't see anything like it, it means you're truly being innovative- which is something I know inherently and can absolutely help you define for yourself. 

Do you require a deposit before starting work?

I do! There's an interesting level of commitment attached to money so if you're physically devoting your funds to this work, you're more likely to be emotionally and mentally devoted to it as well. 

how can I pay?

Like everything else in my life: options are the way to go! I accept checks, PayPal, and QuickBooks – which allows users to pay with a credit card.  

can i break down payments?

Of course. Everyone is different, and it goes without saying that everyone's situation is different as well. I like to be as flexible as I can, and we can always come to an arrangement that work best for us both. 

What happens if I need a revision after the project has been finished?

This one is a bit tricky, but I do a flat rate of $50 for revisions after the completion of the project. Ideally, all revisions will be small and can be lumped together. Sometimes revisions take, well... revisioning, and the $50 has to be applied to each round of revisions handled post final file send off.  The lesson involved? Get all revisions handled before final files and everything is hunky dory. 

what happens if I want to cancel a project before its finished?

The true answer: it depends on the type of project and why it needs to be cancelled, but... a helpful answer would be we would figure out what needs to happen to make things fair on both sides, and we move forward with what we've decided. 

Of course this is different than if I need to cancel the project. 

Would you send me final files if I committed to a deadline before hiring you? 

Nope. What I would do is send you the invoice to finalize payments, and then I could send you whatever files you wanted. 

how about if i committed to something while working with you? 


how about if i ask really nicely (or really angrily)? 


geeze you're really not going to send me final files early? 


why are you so obsessed with this issue, jenny?

Because you would be amazed with the amount of people who have asked, demanded, and even fired me over my refusal to send them final files before they've sent final payment. You don't get to leave the grocery store munching on your yummy snacks until you pay– you don't get to enjoy my delicious creative fruits before you pay, either. 

what if i don't like the work you produce?

This has honestly been so rare because the type of work I produce is always based on what the client and I have agreed upon before even starting- but it does happen.  

If we're still mid process, I'll take the client's feedback into consideration, usually over a call so that we can get on the same page as to where to head to next. 

If the client wasn't happy with the first draft, they'll usually be much more relieved by the second. 

If it's an hourly based project, and I've finished out the hours, I send over to the client what they want (if anything), and we go on our merry way. Sometimes it's not a good working relationship, most times though, it's a miscommunication and that can be ironed out very quickly. 

can you take care of everything- logo, brand, print, web, and exhibition design?

And copywriting, and how to connect to your target market, and how to effectively integrate all of your weird bits and pieces into an amazing business, and more. If I, for any reason, cannot take care of something- I know someone who does and we can partner up. 

i'm just getting started in my business. can I still work with you even if I don't have a brand yet?

Absolutely. As long as you know why you're doing what you're doing, and have an idea of how you'd like that to be conveyed, we can work together. 

i'm in a hurry, can you turn my job around quickly?

Most jobs actually turn around quite quickly, but for those of us who are more in a hurry than most, I offer a 'Rush Retainer', which for a flat fee allows your project to be handled first. 

The Rush Retainer fee is decided by the amount of work, the tightness of the deadline, and how many other projects I've got at the time.