How can I help you?
Let me list the ways:

Branding / Logo Design
Website Design & UI
Calligraphy & Hand lettering
Collages & Image composites
Styleboards / Concept boards
Commercials & Photo Shoots
Tagline Creation
Brand Messaging
Brand Architecture
About / Bio / General Website Copy
Social media copywriting
Strategic development
Market research
Competitive Analysis
& so much more

Working together

Like mixing a prism with a train station: a route for you to come to light

I work with businesses, personal brands, and entrepreneurs in developing brands and projects from the inside out.

Right now there are a few ways to work with me: On your individual project, or projects, working each piece individually. Or there’s working collaboratively across a few pieces within a larger project; we go from idea to market in 3 months or less and when we’ve finished, you not only have all of your brand assets, attributes, and whatever else we’ve created together, you understand how to make it all work for you moving forward as you and your business inevitably grow.

reap the benefits of 12+ years of industry-spanning experience From POPSUGAR to Charles Schwab, 3M to HSN as well as thousands of small to medium sized businesses across the globe

see visual projects

see copywriting projects

see strategic projects

Needing just
one or two things?

Great! I can easily quote you for a brand, a website, a business name, surface designs for your line of home furnishings, creative direct your commercial, or calligraphize your wedding invitations.

Prices are quoted individually so that I can best meet your specific needs, so get on my calendar and let’s get our awesomeness working together!

Needing.. kind of a lot?

what’s the benefit?

Why not go through and do it piece by piece individually, you may ask? Because that’s a $25,000 value. I mean, branding, site design, and minimal copywriting is over $13,000. To include consulting, mindset work, strategic development along with branding, illustration, site design and copywriting support would take you to $25,000-35,000. I know, I’ve written those proposals and I’ve worked a ton for those clients!

Aside from the financials? (A $25,000 value for $3,000 ain’t nothing to sneeze at!) There’s the clean and streamlined aspect of keeping everything in one place.

You can absolutely have this handled piece by piece, or some with me and some with other people. The ultimate benefit of working this way vs. another way is that every element of your business will be derived from a targeted and cohesive place; ensuring you not only look professional, you’ll have a solid handle on what you’re using, and saying, and doing as you go along. Every client I work with is enabled to take their work and their business in their own hands; as it is 100% yours!

Working in this free-form way also allows you to receive all of the brand assets as we make them. There’s no waiting for a final payment for final files. We’re in it together, side by side. You get what I make straight away.

I started my own business so I could help more people than just the big name players already at the top. Six months after graduating, I landed a cushy ad agency job making $106,000/year. I left that job because I knew that Tide would never need the help that a smaller business would. Creating an offer that supports that mission makes so much sense.

*In order for you to be successful with these packages, a “Keep Moving Forward” mindset must be implemented. Meaning we cannot afford to go a-wafflng. If you are a person who needs to process before making a decision, this option is not for you. But fear not!

Take a look at the individual services so that you can be sure to spend as much time as needed to make things perfect.

Holy cow, how many amazing things can I say about Jenny? How much space do I have here? Definitely not enough. Open, giving, fanatical perfectionist, excellent communicator, talented, and an uncanny ability to perfectly tune her skills to whatever project you throw at her.
— david zietz

StartUp Blast Off*
Pick 4 things from the list
$3,000 to retain the 3 months or
$1500 per month for 3 months

Believe The Dream*
Pick 7 things from the list
$5,500 to retain the 3 months or
$2,200 per month for 3 months

Grow The Empire*
Pick 10 things from the list
$8,500 to retain the 3 months or
$3,750 per month for 3 months

for this price,time can be extended to 4 months

Baller & A Shot Caller*
Pick 15 things from the above list
$12,000 to retain the 3 months or
$6,500 per month for 3 months

for this price,time can be extended to 6 months