Work with me

You like what you see, but how does it work? 
The process, the prices, the nitty gritty. 

The Process

It all starts with a conversation

We'll have an initial consult call to determine what the needs are and what exactly we're moving forward with. 


The Intake: 

I listen first, ask questions second, pore through visual inspiration so I can understand your subjective language (we all have it), research, explore, discuss, and discover.

The Trenches: 

The amount of design/execution needed depends on the client, but usually:

Initial loose sketches– be it for design, copywriting, or other– to determine broad strokes in concept and communication. This results in a lot of options within a short period of time, eliminating what's wrong and recalibrating around what is right. 

The length of time it takes to get from loose sketch to finished perfection is always determined by the client and the amount of revisions; which is a beautiful thing!

I always include at least 3 rounds to make sure all bases, ideas, and wants are considered and explored. I focus on keeping communication easy, friendly, open and honest.

This way problems are solved the best way – quickly and happily.

The Follow Through:

Whether I'm working with printers, marketing mentors, developers, or animators, I work as openly with anyone needed to make the project run as seamlessly as possible.

Knowing how nerve wracking creating can be, I'm always courteous, punctual, and clear whenever facilitating clients' needs with the superb folks I collaborate with to make things happen. 

The After Party:

Once the project is completed. I send the source files to happy clients, offer discounts and presents for referrals, and keep a disturbingly hoarded account of all files.

If there's ever any issue, I'm here and happy to help anyway I can. 



The Prices

I know all too well the varying factors that come into play when money enters the picture. That's why I offer tiered pricing that allows you to experience all the goods I have to offer in a way that makes sense for you and your budget. 


Ready to make magic happen?
Great! I love supporting people in making
their weird dreams come true. 

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Prices are determined on an individual basis; I take into account the amount of years you've been in business, where your business is located, the size of the business, the type of work needed, and the level of involvement you'll want. 

I realize I could make things easier by doing blanket rates and packages, but this way I meet people where they are, and there are few things as rewarding as working with people. 

Money, like everything else, is a conversation waiting to be agreed upon. I am always happy to offer a quote for your project, so don't hesitate to reach out.