From vibrators to circadian rhythm lamps!
so.. quite a style range.

Packaging Design
Creating a whole tactile experience around what you’re bringing to the table.

Here’s what you’ll need to make packaging happen

What you’ll need: The dielines! And a printer!

You’ll also need (or be aware of) the look and feel of what you’re looking to achieve, any branding elements or attributes you’ve already established –– or simply that you need to establish them.

We’ll also be printing things out to ensure they look right and feel right.

Prices will 100% vary between certain factors:
The style and complexity of your brand
Where you’re located
How long you’ve been in business
Your market & your industry
The amount of packages to be designed
The amount of variation within the packages
(both the shape of the design and the content of the design)

Time frame for packaging will vary depending on style, complexity, amount of products, etc. It does not include the time to print or produce the packaging.

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