The Muchness


What's The Muchness?

The Muchness is the amount of services I offer- and it grows every day. When you're a polymath who picks up skillsets like they're jelly beans, it's time to tell it like it is.


See Creative & Art Direction Projects

Part strategic brainery, part visual mastermaking, all awesomeness. You need Creative and/or Art Direction when you're looking to establish look and feel, create a larger scope of vision, or focus on the messaging of a visual execution (like a brand, a film, website, commercial, ad campaign, or any other visual example). 

See Design Projects

This is all about the execution. If you've already got the look & the feel, the brand guidelines, the market, and the messaging in play, and you need.. something made with all, you need design.  I'm talking a logo, a set of cards, advertisements, invitations, a set of t-shirts, posters, cookbooks.. well, you know what I'm saying. 

See Illustration Projects

The image making! I'm fond of multiple styles and applications (like grungy, dramatic watercolor,  pretty watercolor, emotive, literal, and everything in between) but most often I find myself creating portraits (in an abundance of styles) of people and animals, flowers, and plants, and lettering. 

See Copywriting Projects

How things read, how they're said, how they're understood. Whether it's naming your business or course, creating a system of names (or nomenclature, if you're a mega nerd like I am), establishing brand archetypes and tone, or writing blog posts & articles, I am as fluidly nimble with words as I am with my Wacom pen. 

See Strategic Projects

Imagine having the dual lasers of focus and broad scope, coupled with endless curiosity, researchy fingers, and the  mental quickness to iterate tens of hundreds of options in rapid succession. This my friends, is strategic brainification.  

Whether you need to determine your ideal market, reach a different audience, or come out with a whole new you,  your goals and my brain are a powerful combination. 


Consulting & Mentoring

Professional problems, amirite? Sometimes you need to talk it out. I get it, I am here for it, and I totally offer it. I help a wide range of people with various interests and problems, including (but not limited to, because- limitations= nopetown):

For creatives:
  • Attracting the right clients
  • Attracting the right projects
  • Communication/portrayal for social media
  • Constructing your portfolio
  • Discovering your true passions
  • Understanding client direction
  • Creating for specific moods & tones
  • Typographic selection
  • Working through burnout/creative blocks
  • Creating a workable schedule for yourself
  • Building time for side projects
  • Contracts & payments
  • Client boundaries & work life balance
  • Owning your worth & value
  • Encouragement Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching
For Business Owners:
  • Connecting with your true brand voice
  • Finding your right customer/demographic/market
  • How to communicate authentically
  • Communication & Brand Portrayal for social media
  • Finding the right moods & tones in your brand
  • Establishing the right mood & tone for your brand voice
  • Typographic Selection
  • Color Palette Selection
  • Image Selection & Visual Storytelling
  • Brand Archetype/Architect re
  • Encouragement Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching