Consulting & Mentoring

Perhaps you’re not even sure where to begin with what you need; talking it through can help. Using a series of calls and corresponding exercises meant to get you thinking clearly,  we’ll get to the heart of your matter and sort it out efficiently, comfortably, and with a whole lot of humor. 

Consulting or Mentoring,
what's the difference?


Mentoring is usually more personal,
and can range from professional to
or even superficial
(like the time I taught
someone how to do a righteous roller set
or master certain makeup techniques).


Consulting is purely professional. Consulting is for people who want to learn how to do it for themselves. Whether that's  how to reach a target audience, put out a solid portfolio, how to create personal projects etc. The line definitely blends, but for me it's how connected emotionally things get.


For business owners:

Connecting with your true brand voice

Finding your right customer/demographic/market

How to communicate authentically

Communication & Brand Portrayal for social media

Finding the right moods & tones in your brand

Establishing the right mood & tone for your brand voice

Typographic Selection

Color Palette Selection

Image Selection & Visual Storytelling

Brand Archetype/Architecture

Encouragement Coaching

Confidence Coaching


For designers/creatives:

Attracting the right clients

Attracting the right projects

Communication/portrayal for social media

Constructing your portfolio

Discovering your true passions

Understanding client direction

Creating for specific moods & tones

Typographic selection

Working through burnout/creative blocks

Creating a workable schedule for yourself

Building time for side projects

Contracts & payments

Client boundaries & work life balance

Owning your worth & value

Encouragement Coaching

Confidence Coaching


Jenny Ambrose is a powerhouse.

As a mentor, she is a bundle of joy, empathy and sass. Her no-bullshit approach is refreshing,
and you really do get the real deal. Jenny brings with her so many skills from such a varied
background, and she brings everything to the table to create a truly unique, creative and safe
environment for your circumstances. Jenny is beyond encouraging and the way she uses her
creativity in sessions ensure there’s never a dull moment! Jenny pulls from such a range of
experience, shows you opportunities you didn’t know existed, and gives you the never to feel
the fear and do it anyway! If you work with Jenny, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry (joyful tears) and you’ll
end the call feeling transformed - that right there is the magic of Jenny Ambrose.

Meg Kissack, UX/UI Designer, Owner of The Hummingbird Life and The Couragemaker's Podcast


Jenny Ambrose is a creative genius. She will take the time to truly understand your project and will not only provide you a solution but a vision. 

She has been a mentor to me and would highly recommend her. She is easy
to talk to, helpful and a blast to work with.


Janine ToroUX/UI Designer



I hired Jenny about 3 times so far and am increasingly amazed.  Her suggestions and advice were so eye opening to me...simply swapping the order of chosen photos allowed me to stay on budget and create a more pulled together look/brand.  

What really wowed me is Jenny's stunning intuition.  She works from a deep heart space and in every instance I received a unique heartfelt message that touched me deeply on a personal level.  This time the message from Jenny was encouraging me to explore my creative side and play more without judgement of self.  She let me know she was here clearly to support me and that she was totally cool with guiding me and helping to "teach me to fish" instead of relying on her to provide all the "fish" and graphic design in full.  

Wow!!!!!! I was almost in tears!  What wonderful support and assistance!  Ironically while she didn't take the typical business approach of trying to get me to hire her for a full on rebranding...I now trust her and her advice more than ever and will definitely call on her again for the next graphic project I have.  

Jenny gave me so many intangibles (more confidence in my own eye and abilities to put things together, gentle midnight laughs during an all nighter)  as well as a stellar finished project.  Highest recommendation. Will absolutely positively hire again in a heartbeat.

Sarah Chang, Owner of Hawaiian Heritage Hula Academy



There are certain things in life you invest in hoping it'll pay off in the long run. Jenny was that for me. And boy, did she pay off!  

While most would say the magic happens in the actual act of design, I feel what really sets them apart are her consultations. Part interview, part banter, part rapid fire exchange of thoughts, she's like a great journalist getting to the truth of who you are in order to conceptualize the right design for you. She asks the right questions, but she doesn't stop there. 

Her “assigned homework,” is almost like a psychological exercise to discover things about you that you probably didn't even recognize on your own.  Plus, using shared pictures of your home and inspiration boards, she gathers all sorts of juicy material to work from in order to create a piece de triomphe.

Once this initial prep process is complete, Jenny  began to design, which was amazing.  We went through a couple rounds, floating ideas back and forth via Skype and email, sharing feedback and eventually arriving at branding material that I'm so proud of.  I just think she's the bees knees because she's incredibly easy to work with, timely, and oh-so talented.  The entire process was super fun, feeling like we were constantly moving forward to a breathtaking destination. 

I’d wish all my creative friends will get to experience this experience with her in the future.  There’s so much more I could say, but the thing I love most about her—I feel like she believed in me and wanted to do her part in helping me succeed.  Amazing!"

Maggie Rife PonceOwner of Rife Ponce Photography & Co-owner of Revealed Studios



Jenny Ambrose has been a terrific consultant for me. She went out of her way to link me with freelance artists who would be able to illustrate the ideas I had for a webcomic. She facilitated professional discussions between myself and potential artists. She connected me with multiple groups that were essential to flourishing
my idea and solidifying it into a tangible pitch.

She consulted me on the best ways to speak to artists regarding the transfer between written word to illustrated art.  I would be ecstatic to work with her again.

India Jackson, Community Manager at InnoGames, Writer at Less Than Three Press



Jenny. She is one dynamic woman with so much heart, vivacity,
brains, joy, and pure awesomeness that I sometimes can't help but smile
widely when I think about her.

I emailed Jenny after I found her portfolio online and was overcome with
how inspiring, varied, and thorough her work was. I wanted to ask her a
few questions about graphic design & building a career in this crazy industry.
Not only did she email back with a sweet & long email, but she also sent me
an email with some helpful advice since I slightly mentioned that I was
overwhelmed with to do's at the moment. 

Who does that any more?! Who spends 20-30 minutes writing an email
to help a random stranger out? Not just with what she asked about, but just
something she casually mentioned? After receiving both of those emails
back -- I knew she was different. I had to get to know her better.

And know her well I have. She has mentored me for the past 3 years
and no, my business has not exploded and no, my bank account is not in
the millions...which is awesome. Because that's not what matters at the end
of the day. Finding who I truly am, learning everything I can along this path,
having peace, and loving others...THAT is what matters.

Mentors should help you grow; not just help your business grow. The most
painful (and beautiful) times of our mentoring relationship has been when
Jenny reminds me of who I truly am, to ease up on myself, and to face the fear
and do it anyways. She has helped me week by week to find more clarity
and embrace freedom.

All in all, I am honored to know & be mentored by this fabulous human being
-- and you should be too.

Bethany AleshireOwner of Bethany Aleshire // Photographer. Graphic Designer.
Emboldener & Student of Graphic Design at Minneapolis Community and Technical College