Creative Direction,
Art Direction, & Design

Clients like POPSUGAR, HSN, ELLE, American Greetings,
Old Navy, Iris Technology, C.M. Bard, 3M, Charles Schwab,
Merril Lynch, Prudential, Fudgsicle, Breyers, Frigidaire, YardHouse

Projects such as brands, branding systems, logos, business cards, social media templates, commercials, awards shows, film and television,  advertising campaign directions, websites, blogs, newsletters, calligraphy, lettering, photo compositing, collages, patterns, style boards, photoshoots, workbooks, journals,  style frames, mood boards, packaging, book covers, folders, notebook/planner designs, cookbooks, pricing guides, photo albums, large format documents (catalogues, reports, etc),  pitches, decks, stickers, t-shirts, posters, prints, cards, infographics,
and more


Logos & Brands


Photoshoots & Storyboards


Print Work