Purée Fantastico is Jenny Ambrose


Jenny Ambrose, Design Scientist

Question: What do improv, "Bare Necessities", geometric proofs, endless obsessions with language, art history, Roman Empire family lineages, film, and letterforms have to do with anything?

Answer: They have everything to do with everything!

We are all culminations of all that we've learned before and we use these things in all that we love and do. This is the belief of Purée Fantastico, a business born out of this very idea. 

Part designer, part scientist, part artist, and all curiosity and creativity: I'm a self-made blend of creation and analysis and it pours into everything that I do; and as you can see, I do quite a lot.  

I've helped thousands of people in business across a wide variety of needs. Whether those needs are visual, verbal, mental, professional or personal makes no difference. 

When you rely on the scientific method for your creative process, those issues are mere clothing choices to the skeletal structure of the the task at hand.

How on Earth can that all possibly be true?  Talk to me and find out. 

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Best Small Graphic Design Business in Los Angeles 2014-2017

Small Business Excellence Award, 2016, 2017

Featured in Print Regional Design

Semifinalist in the Adobe Achievement Awards

Silver Addy's, 2007
Gold Addy, 2006